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ACT Periodical Health Service: Many Suffers from Hypertension

  •   Date :  March 06, 2019
  •   Eko Ramdani
  •   Editor
  •   Viewers :  350

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The Periodical Health Service from Global Zakat – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues to this day. On Monday (3/4), the free health service for the impoverished families in Jabodetabek was held in Sumur Baru Village, Kemayoran Sub-District, Central Jakarta. Volunteers from ACT and MRI examined the local residents and provided them with the needed medicines.

Most of the locals were suffering from hypertension, a disease commonly found in urban communities like those in Jakarta. In 2013, a research by Indonesian Ministry of Health showed that 25.8 percent Indonesians suffer from hypertension. World Health Organization stated that the number of people suffering from hypertension across the globe rises each year.

Coordinator of ACT Medical Volunteers, dr. Muhammad Riedha Bambang, said that there are many factors contributing to the rise of hypertension among urban communities. The most dominant factors are unhealthy food and lack of physical activities. “Stress also highly affect the blood pressure. Therefore, we suggest everyone to manage their emotions and mind well,” said dr. Riedha.

Furthermore, dr. Riedha explained that the high salt content in foods that are commonly eaten by people in urban areas highly affect blood pressure. High salt content in food can influence the natural natrium in our bodies. People with hypertension are advised to reduce their salt intake.

Lack of physical activities also contributes to the high number of hypertension cases in big cities. Most people there travel by motorized vehicles, and only sit down for hours in front of gadgets or computers without much physical activities. “The people in urban areas often neglect physical exercises, and their jobs often don’t involve physical activities compared to the people in rural areas who often travel by bikes or on foot, and work on rice fields which involve a lot of physical works,” added dr. Riedha.

Besides hypertension, many of the local residents also suffered from upper respiratory tract infection caused by the polluted air.

Through the periodical health services from Global Zakat – ACT that has begun since early February 2019, the volunteers not only treat the patients but also educate them about healthy lifestyle.

There are dozens of other locations that are yet to be reached, especially in Jabodetabek. The beneficiaries are economically-underprivileged families. []