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Indonesia's Relentless Support for Participants of Great Return March

Indonesia's Relentless Support for Participants of Great Return March
  •   Date :  April 02, 2019
  •   Nimas Afridha Aprilianti
  •   Editor
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ACTNews, GAZA – The voices of the protesters calling for freedom thundered along Gaza-Israel border on Saturday (3/30). Since early in the morning, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians gathered around the border to commemorate the first anniversary of the Great Return March.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) volunteer in Gaza, Dr. Ahmad Al-Najjar reported that the participants of the protest included adults and children who strongly voicing their rights for justice and for their return to their lands.

“We came to commemorate the Great Return March, a weekly protest we hold every Friday to demand our rights for freedom and for the return of the lands where we were born,” said Dr. Al-Najjar.   

To assist the Palestinians during the Great Return March, Indonesia sends its best aid. Among the flags that were flying during the protest, the red-and-white flag and the flag of ACT were also seen waved by ACT volunteers in Gaza.

These volunteers were sending the aid trusted by the people of Indonesia for the people participating in the protest. Thousands of meal packages and clean water from the mobile water tank were distributed to the participants of the Great Return March.

Andi Noor Faradiba of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT explained that the distribution of the meal packages from the public kitchen took place in Malaka Camp near the border of East Gaza and in Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

“In Malaka Camp, we distributed the meal packages to the participants of the Great Return March’s 1st Anniversary. In Al-Shifa Hospital, we distributed the meal packages to the patients and medics who were on duty that day,” said Faradiba.

She added that ACT has dispatched two Mobile Water Tanks in Gaza to provide clean water for the people taking part in the Great Return March Anniversary on Saturday (3/30). The operation of the trucks is supported by the zakat funds of the people of Indonesia channeled through Global Zakat – ACT.

“One truck was dispatched to Malaka border, the other was dispatched to Abu Safia border, both located in East Gaza. The trucks, which are able to store thousands of liters of clean water, are essential to provide clean waters to the participants of the protest,” said Faradiba.

The meal packages and clean water distribution for the participants of the Great Return March will last for ten days.  

“Insha Allah, Indonesian Public Kitchen will provide 10,000 meal packages for ten days from Friday (3/29) to Monday (4/8).

“Thank You, Indonesia. Thank you, ACT.”

A year since the first Great March Return Protest, the support from Indonesia for the people of Palestine does not relent, as told by Ahmad Al-Najjar. He said that there have been many kinds of aid given by the people of Indonesia.

“Indonesia and ACT have helped us Palestinians a lot through various programs, especially during the Great Return March protests. Indonesia have been supporting us with free meal packages, medical assistance and free clean water,” said Al-Najjar.

He also expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Palestinians for the support that has continuously been given by the people of Indoensia.

“We thank the people of Indonesia and we thank ACT for supporting us who are struggling for our freedom and for our right to return to our birthplace. Thank you, Indonesia. Thank you, ACT!” said Dr. Al-Najjar. []