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Kampung Jurang Mangu Visited by ACT's Humanity Food Truck

Kampung Jurang Mangu Visited by ACT's Humanity Food Truck
  •   Date :  March 08, 2019
  •   Nimas Afridha Aprilianti
  •   Editor
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ACTNews, TANGERANG – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Humanity Food Truck aims to serve those living far away in disaster-hit areas as well as the needy in areas close to ACT Headquarter. Not far from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, Humanity Food Truck served the residents of a scavenger settlement in Kampung Jurang Mangu, Pondok Aren Sub-District, South Tangerang, on Thursday (3/7).

Dicky Irawan, coordinator of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Greater Jakarta who took part in the meal packages distribution, said that those living in the scavenger settlement are people coming from outside Jakarta who make their living by scavenging.

“We have known the local residents since 2015. For approximately three years, we have made good relations with the residents of the scavenger settlement. This is the second time we distributed food through the Humanity Food Truck. They are always happy and enthusiastic every time we come to free meals,” said Irawan after distributing the meal packages on Thursday (4/7) afternoon.

No less than 1,000 meal packages were served for the beneficiaries in Kampung Jurang Mangu. Wagiman, the chef who led the cooks in the Humanity Food Truck, said that he had begun cooking since earlier in the morning.

“As usual, the truck arrived the night before the distribution. We had prepared the ingredients beforehand. The cooking itself started early in the morning,” explained Chef Wagiman.

The Humanity Food Truck team cooked rice, pickled vegetables, stir-fried chicken, chicken nuggets, noodles, sambal and raw vegetable salad (lalap).

“We make sure that every food that we serve is nutritious and cooked according to the procedure. Insha Allah, everything is done for the good of the beneficiaries, especially the local residents,” added Chef Wage.

The recipients of the prepared meal packages supported by Global Zakat – ACT were extremely grateful. They thank the volunteers for the lunch packages they received that afternoon.

One of the recipients was Fani (6), a child in Kampung Jurang Mangu who heartily ate her lunch package. “The food is delicious. I like the stir-fried chicken so much. Thank you, ACT,” she said shyly.

Another recipient was Jamali (51) who expressed his gratefulness on behalf of the residents of the scavenger settlement in Jurang Mangu. “We thank ACT and MRI for their generous aid through the Humanity Food Truck. May our friends from these organizations be able to continue their good works,” said Jamali.

For a month, Humanity Food Truck has been visiting needy areas around Jabodetabek. That afternoon, the mobile kitchen once again visited a needy area in Jakarta. Even just a package of free lunch is able to bring happiness to its recipient. []