Mulai Berzakat

Online Transaction

How To Transaction Online At Global Zakat

     Step 1 Access Website Pages:

     Click the 'Starting Berzakat' button
     The contents of the form / calculator of zakat then automatically there will be the result of zakat that you have to pay and then click pay zakat
     Step 2 Login Donator:

     If muzaki candidate is not yet registered on payment act / globalzakat website, click 'list here', then complete the provided column

     If muzaki candidate has been registered on payment act / globalzakat website, then fill in email and password, then click sign in
     Step 4 Payment Process:

     For the type of payment please select the type of Online Donation

     Click the Continue button

     Step 5 Transaction Summary Information:
     Select Continue to Complete The Process to complete the transaction process
     Confirm the transaction that has been successful: